Sales to Russia

If you want to be represented at Russian market, if you have potential customers in Russia, but they do not know, how to operate international purchasing, just send us your inquiry. We will help to connect with Russian customers. If you only think about sales to Russia, we can make a deep reseaech of Russian market for your company and after that, organize distribution to Russia.

Purchasing from Russia

If you want to decrease your production expenses, check row materials or semifinished products from Russia. Here we have quite cheap electricity and water tariffs, low labor cost and also low rate of national currency. These factors often make the export value of various goods at European or US market very competitive. We will help you to choose a reliable supplier. Our company will act as exporting company: we will sigh international contact with you, we will render full service on CPT (Incoterms) basis also providing the most appropriate way of shipping to your country.

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